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Let Fomalhaut drive your B2B lead generation

Fomalhaut and are helping startups and established tech-companies grow their B2B sales pipeline by focusing on outbound prospecting.
Since 2019 Fomalhaut has a proven track record of working with
biotech, fintech and general development IT companies.

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We speak the language you need: English I 中文 I Русский I Deutsch I Српски


Scalable solution for your lead hungry organization

druga strana.png presents you with a scalable solution for your lead hungry organization. We are not just a market research, sales representative & business development service provider, we create outbound sales strategies and help you understand recent industry trends and discover relevant opportunities.

Fomalhaut has a full suite of Business Development services

Fomalhaut's scalable solutions offer a flexible alternative to classical hiring and allow companies with little or no know-how to develop quality sales pipeline. We help and guide your company through the process of outbound sales.

Lead & Opportunity Research

Our team conducts the market research and provides you with the information on the recognized opportunities within the market niche.

Appointment Setting
& SDR as a Service

​This is the full service. Our team identifies opportunities on the market and ensures that your company gets a chance to make the best out of it by arranging the business meetings with your identified potential clients or partners.

Email Outreach Services

You have already done your market research and identified potential clients but still need an expert to advise you on suitable outreach plan and help you to create your b2b email strategy? Then, this is the perfect fit for your organization.


"Our goal is to help tech companies get connected with the world and use the chance to present their results, services and products to potential partners."

Our Founder & CEO

Mission & Vision

After working on various business development roles across different industries we have noticed some of the pain points and developed methodology how to get around those for many sales driven tech companies.

That motivated us to start Fomalhaut and launch

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